Latest News


    PATHE – ILIKI-ATALANTI : Our company supplies natural aggregates and anti slip  aggregates for the contractor
       TERNA S.A

•    ASTIR VOULIAGMENIS: Our company transfer and carry out the excavations wastes from the earthworks that
       took place in the construction site.

•    FALIRO REFORMATION : We have started the processes for this project which will change the coastal front of the
       South suburban of Athens. Our company is already part of this project with the supply of bentonite which will be
       used for the exploration drills on the construction site.

•    OLYMPIAKOS TRAINING CENTER – RENTIS: Our Company supply with quartz sand the SIS Pitches company
       which is the best company in the world on the placement and maintenance of grass in training facilities and stadiums.
       The project is on going and the other football fields of the training center will be upgrade in a short time.

•    FOSTIRAS STADIUM IN ATHENS: Our company supply the quartz¬ sand for the football stadium for Fostiras.

•    HORSE RACE IN MARKOPOULO :  We supply the quartz sand, clay and sawdust for the horse arena in