About Us


We aim to offer the best possible services and products to our customers. Our target is to build long term relationships and to augment trust. Our response is to follow the market trends and foresee the future ones.


MINERAL TRADE Ltd was founded in 2011, however there is prior experience since 2002 in the field of supplying public infrastructure or private construction projects. The company specialized in processing mineral & industrial materials, also in cargo management as well as logistic services through a variety of transportation organized in different shipment category by land or sea, in Greece & abroad.

Today, because Greece has a developed infrastructure that enables the uninterrupted implementation of construction projects, MINERAL TRADE that is based on the accumulated experience of participating in large scale projects and is relying on qualified personnel and continuous upgrading of machinery, mostly undertakes the implementation of all kind of Earthmoving, Building - Architecture, Infrastructure (road networks, airports, ports etc.) projects.

Our customers are Technical companies, Cement factories, Minerals industries and Quarries. Due to our specialization in large freight volume management MINERAL TRADE has the ability to shape competitive prices, provide high quality services and products that the customer is served in an optimal way.